When asked to distill the source of the clarity and strength that carried me through the ten years of my nisayon with focus, inner peace, and even joy, I point to the principles of Torah and avodah.

These principles provide a Yid with the truth and clarity that are the foundation of emotional well-being and dispel the numerous confusions and distortions which are at the root of emotional distress.

When they are properly understood and applied to real life, these foundations ensure that a Yid will enjoy emotional well-being no matter what he experiences or faces in life, good or bad.

They are the keys to clarity, a compass to guide him through any storm. They keep him centered on Hashem and cognizant that Hashem is the source of all brachos, protecting him from the false pride that undermines his connection to Hashem. They invigorate his life and provide the foundation for good middos.

They insulate a Yid from the influence and perspectives of the world around him and the many emotional struggles that flow from them, so common in those around him, like low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma, etc.

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