Let’s Write a Torah!

We are writing a letter for the Aleph Beis Gimmel Center and we want you to be a part of it.

By commissioning a letter (or an entire Parsha) in this Torah, not only will you have fulfilled the Mitzvah of Kesivas Sefer Torah, you will have a part in supporting the Aleph Beis Gimmel and everything we do.

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The Torah is our Life

The Torah is the center and foundation of everything we do.

It is our mission at the Aleph Beis Gimmel Center to make that statement not just an article of faith but an accurate description of every area of our lives – spiritual, emotional, and even physical.

What better way to support our holy work than by taking part in writing an actual Sefer Torah?

This Torah will be kept in the Aleph Beis Gimmel Center and will be used on a weekly basis.