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We are very excited to announce the upcoming printing of

The Inside Story - Hebrew

The Inside Story in Hebrew!

The book has been a source of tremendous inspiration and chizuk to so many, but only to those who read English. The printing of a Hebrew edition will bring this desperately needed chizuk of Emunah and Bitachon to tens of thousands more who only read Hebrew.

With much effort and careful work with a skilled translator, a Hebrew translation is ready to print. Printing costs are high and book prices in Eretz Yisroel are low, but we can’t let that stand in the way of this important project.

Join us in being mechazek our fellow Jews!

Since the first printing, readers of the English edition have shared with us that this sefer is a powerful source of inspiration, strength, and clarity.

It’s a sefer that is being read and reread, consulted, and implemented daily in serving Hashem and in facing life’s challenges – from the everyday and ordinary to the extraordinary and life-altering – with Emunah and Bitachon, with energy and with Simcha.

This is a great zechus for everyone involved in the preparation and printing of the sefer. Now is your opportunity to have this great zechus.

Help fund the printing of this important sefer with a

Hakdasha/dedication in your own zechus; the zechus of family or friends; in honor of a Simcha such as a Bar Mitzvah, wedding, etc; or in the memory of a loved one.

The zechus will surely stand you in good stead in the good and sweet year to come and for many years to follow.

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Reader Feedback on the English Edition

The Inside Story

The book was one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read!! I’m so inspired and uplifted by R’ Sholom Mordechai’s Emunah, Bitachon, Ahavas Hashem, and true Yiddishe values throughout his ordeal…

Thank you for sharing the outside and the inside story in such a well written, sensitive, and truly inspirational way!


I cannot even express how incredible the book is! It transformed me.


I read and reread the book, especially book two. I find it so inspiring and also guiding, teaching me lessons on how to face real life challanges from the perspective of a Yid and with Emuna. Thank you.

The Bitachon, Kiddush Hashem and being careful with Mitzvos and even Minhagim in that situation is very inspiring, and even moving to tears. Waiting for the sefer to come out in Hebrew to buy it for all our children!


I have never read a more powerful and moving book. […] The impact of the story is so strong, that throughout the day we channel Rabbi Rubashkin through our daily trials and think about how he would react to a difficulty.

The power of keeping strong in his faith throughout his ordeals makes every person who reads this book stronger.