Shabbaton Questionnaire

We’re so excited that you’re joining us for the third annual Shabbos of Emunah and Bitachon! We’re looking forward to a meaningful, enjoyable, and joyous Shabbos together.

Last year’s program was a great success, Baruch Hashem, and the questionnaire you’ll find below was a big part of that. Any program based on the truth and clarity of Torah is sure to be powerful and inspiring, but the impact of a program shaped by your experiences and directed at your personal challenges will be even more powerful, practical, and long-lasting.

We need your help to go that extra mile.

Please take a few moments to answer some questions so we can ensure that your topics are addressed, your Shabbos Minhagim or Zemiros are included, and your children can make the most of this memorable and uplifting Shabbos.

You can also indicate on the questionnaire if you would like to schedule a one-on-one conversation with Rabbi or Mrs. Rubashkin.